Art inspired by Scotland, Sweden...and Abba!
Art inspired by Scotland, Sweden...and Abba!
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ABBA Voyage - mind-blowing.

I've been an Abba fan since 1976. I don't mean I just liked them when I was at school and then was done with them. No, I mean I LOVED them (and will forever more.) I mean buying all the solo records and Chess and Kristina. I mean going to Sweden numerous times. I mean meeting Benny, twice. I could go On, and On and On.

As we all know now, on 2nd September 2021, there was the return of Abba-mania and I am loving it all! A new Abba album is a dream come true following a wait of 40 years for a new studio album- incredible.

Somehow Abba themselves managed to pip me to the post in terms of their website arriving before mine, as it wasn't quite the right time for me to launch it any earlier. But I can assure you, my idea of creating paintings inspired by places with a link to Abba started a long time ago, long before the thought of new music was even just a notion.

I'm looking forward to enjoying some new sources of inspiration in the coming months. Let the Voyage begin.

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