Art inspired by Scotland, Sweden...and Abba!
Art inspired by Scotland, Sweden...and Abba!
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About Me

I was born and brought up in Glasgow, in the West of Scotland and studied at Glasgow School of Art.  It was an inspiring environment - surrounded by all sorts of art students and located at the famous Charles Rennie Mackintosh building.

I studied architecture and have been working as architect ever since. However I have enjoyed painting for even longer.

During lockdown it seemed the right time to share some of my artworks - and I received great feedback. This has culminated in this website and my mission to paint modern landscapes with a traditional touch.


Why Scotland? 

It’s my home and my works here are of the Isle of Skye and Glasgow. I’m certainly not the first person to be inspired by Skye- it is truly beautiful. And there’s a particular Swedish connection to the Glasgow paintings.


Why Sweden ?

Sweden is a country I've come to love, which started when I first became a huge Abba fan in the 1970’s. I eventually visited Stockholm for the first time in the 1990’s and have visited Sweden many times since.
The artworks.

The subjects are landscapes or cityscapes, and I try to create a new way of depicting a subject, for example with bold colours and shapes, and sometimes bordering on a graphic style. I use acrylics for the original paintings. These are then printed professionally in a variety of possible formats such as Glicée art prints, or framed canvases (these look great even if I do so myself!).

If however you are interested in an original painting, please feel free to get in touch:

Thanks, and I hope you find something you like, 



Fellow Abba-fans - look HERE.