Art inspired by Scotland, Sweden...and Abba!
Art inspired by Scotland, Sweden...and Abba!
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Hello Abba Fans! This is JanDon calling.

Welcome fellow die-hard Abba Fans!

In my paintings you will find Abba references- hidden in plain sight.

Would you like to display ABBA-related art in a subtle way? Well look no further than my website.

Perhaps you would like to add something to your collection which is a little bit different. Perhaps your partner or family don't really want an obvious picture of Abba displayed.





But what if there were pictures which still had subtle Abba references? Ones which only die-hard fans would recognise? Ones which everyone else would think was a nice (I hope!) painting in its own right.



You can choose to look at the painting ‘knowingly’ or share the story behind the painting with your friends.

I am sure that you will recognise the connections, and I have lots of new ideas in the pipeline. If you would like to see similar types of picture, please feel free to email me:

Viggsö, Hootenanny, Waterloo, When I Called You Last Night from Glasgow…. you get the picture….so if you like the picture too….hopefully you will support this venture.

"When I called you last night from Glasgow, I thought we could go to Hootenanny, or Waterloo".